Polystyrene shapes Brisbane: What you can do with them is endless

Ever wondered what you can do with polystyrene shapes Brisbane manufacturers offer? A bigger question is what can’t you do.

Believe it or not, expanded polystyrene insulation products have a diverse range of applications, from construction to cake dummies. Yes, they’re that amazing.

Why is it possible for polystyrene products Ipswich providers offer to have many uses?

polystyrene shapes brisbane

Because of the key properties of polystyrene.

Typically a homopolymer, it is composed of monomer styrene that is combined with itself. Depending on the type, polystyrene can be classified as a thermoset or thermoplastic material.

The difference lies in the way the plastic responds to heat. The former can only be heated once. When it sets, the form can’t be reversed.

Thermoplastic, on the other hand, fully liquefies at its melting point and then formed into polystyrene shapes Brisbane companies sell these days. It sets once cooled but can be reheated again without losing much of its quality. This also makes the material more recyclable.

The expanded version of PS or EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) comes with even more advantages.

  • Extremely durable and moisture-resistant
  • Portable and lightweight
  • High thermal insulation and shock absorbency
  • Easily laminated using epoxy resin and recyclable
  • Versatile in strength and resistant to compression

For commercial purposes, EPS can be branded through the use of adhesive labelling or by printing on them.

How versatile is expanded polystyrene?

In terms of its uses, EPS has many applications.

As a protection for packages

If there’s one area where polystyrene is essential, it will be packaging. This is because it has shock-absorbing properties that protect fragile items, such as electronic equipment, pharmaceutical products, and wine bottles, from damage.

It’s moisture-resistant and thermal insulation characteristics make it an ideal packaging for cooked food and perishable items as well.

As a building and construction material

It is used as insulated panel systems for walls, floors, roofs, and building facades. It is also a popular choice as a flotation material when creating pontoons and marinas. With railway and road construction, it’s also used as a lightweight fill.

As dummy cakes

Round, square, and heart-shaped are just some of the polystyrene shapes Ipswich manufacturers can create with the material. So when you need a display cake or want to add volume and extra layers to a cake, EPS can make this happen.

As props for events

EPS can be made into different artistic and creative forms, including props for exhibitions, parties, and the like. It’s easy to cut and form into your desired shape. It’s also easy to move and transport because it’s lightweight.

EPS is also used for signage, shop fittings, model planes, sliders, cycling helmets, children’s seats, and even in making surfboards.

Due to the many impressive characteristics of polystyrene, you can use it in plenty of ways. It’s even safe to say that the possibilities are endless.

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