How to Choose the Most Qualified Painter for your Home

Painting is a very important aspect in every home. It does not only make your home beautiful, but it also speaks of your personality and taste as a homeowner. This is why choosing a painter to work on your home is a critical decision to make. There a lot of house painters Manly can offer, but not all of them are created equally. When you want the best, choose Marchant and Sons – Australia’s leading contractor in commercial and residential painting.

House Painters Manly

What are the factors that set Marchant and Sons apart from other house painters Manly?

Credibility. Not all residential painters could do the job you require and expect from them. Are the painters experienced enough? Does the contractor comply with environmental and safety issues? How long has it been in the painting industry? Our painters at Marchant and Sons are insured, licensed, and experienced – giving you the assurance to deliver high-quality results with the utmost professional service possible.

Preparation Procedure. Exterior painting is a more complicated process than you think. The home’s whole exterior should be free of dirt, mildew, and old paint remains before new paint is applied. Marchant and Sons uses power wash to make sure that the prep work is fully done before actual painting is started. With this, we give you assurance that the new paint will last for a long time.

Expert Advise. Choosing the right color combination for your home can be a daunting task. The color combination you have in mind might not be appropriate with your neighborhood, violate standards set by the subdivision, or gain complaints instead of compliments. When unsure of your paint choice, Marchant and Sons is here to give you an expert advise. We employ color experts, guiding you and helping you achieve the shade that is right for your home.

Quality of Paint. When it comes to the quality of paint, certain factors should be considered such as the quality of ingredients and the resilience of paint against weather conditions that prevails in your area. High-quality paints produce high-quality results. The right kind of paint should also withstand exposure to different weather conditions and should be resistant to fading and mildews. Marchant and Sons know for a fact that quality is a top factor in ensuring the longevity of your house paint. High-quality paint will give you more savings in the long run as well, because you don’t need to redo your house paint every so often.

Warranty. When all is said and done, how can you be certain that the contractor you chose will take care of you? At Marchant and Sons, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our relationship doesn’t end when the painting is done. All our paint jobs and maintenance jobs have a five-year warranty to ensure a satisfying after-sales service.

Painting your home is a job you shouldn’t have to do. Choosing the right contractor shouldn’t have to be difficult. You just have to go to the leading company among the house painters Manly can offer. Hire Marchant and Sons and see the difference. Visit