Experience a one-of-a-kind backyard party using outdoor pizza ovens

Pizza is one food that a lot of Americans never get tired of. There is just something about this Italian food that makes you want to grab another bite. No wonder a lot of people spend so much time just to recreate the taste of authentic Italian pizza using outdoor pizza ovens.

Eating pizza while lounging on your backyard is simply satisfying. Sharing a pan of pizza with your friends or family is something that never goes out of style, especially among American families. Using outdoor pizza ovens just make the experience more enjoyable.

However, can you also cook other stuff in an outdoor pizza oven or is it only meant for making pizza?

What can you cook in an outdoor pizza oven

Who doesn’t love pizza cooked on a wood-fired grill? However, pizza is not the only meal you can make using outdoor pizza ovens. Below are other tasty meals you can try on top of your favorite pizza.

  1. Salmon. Enjoy the taste of salmon on cedar wood in a splash of orange, salt, and black pepper. It’s not only the taste that will excite your senses; the smell of salmon on cedar wood is enough to lure you in for a second helping.
  1. Steak. Savor the taste of the best steak you can eat on outdoor pizza ovens. It’s so easy to cook steak as long as you have a rack to hold the steak directly over the flame. Drizzle a bit of oil and add salt and pepper for extra flavor. You can also add a few hickory nuts to enjoy that smoky flavor to your steak. Take a look at Fontana Forni USA
  1. Potatoes. Who wouldn’t love hot potatoes to go with pizza? So, start wrapping your potatoes in foil and put them in your oven.
  1. Bread. Bake that mouth-watering fresh bread that even your neighbors will crave. Impress your guests with your culinary expertise and let the wood-fire oven transform an ordinary fresh bread into a yummy treat that is soft and moist on the inside, but crunchy on the outside.
  1. Vegetables. Buy fresh veggies from the market and mix them with sweet pepper, onions, mushrooms, and carrots. Coat vegetables in olive oil with a dash of salt to keep them crisp and flavorful. Place them in the centre and serve once ready.

Choosing the right wood for your pizza oven

When using firewood for backyard pizza ovens, you don’t want to use any product that releases hazardous chemicals. Choose dry, seasoned hardwoods like maple, oak, beech, ash, and birch. For the best option, you can opt for oak as it burns hotter than others.

If you want a flavorful aroma, fruitwood is also a popular option. Most pizzerias opt for applewood because of its aroma and high level of heat it produces. See more hereĀ outdoor pizza ovens

You can also choose softwood, but make sure to cure and season it properly, so the sap content is reduced. It will also help if you get rid of the bark. This reduces moisture and sap content.

To sum it all up

Choosing the right wood for pizza oven outdoor use depends on where you currently live. For best results, buy local wood and avoid transporting wood from other regions. Moreover, make sure that your backyard pizza ovens are built to last and are installed by the experts.

Check out suppliers, like Fontana Forni, which is known for their 40+ years of innovation in the art of creating outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens. You may visit them at fontanaforniusa.com for more information.