Dreams Can Become A Reality With Waterfront Land Sunshine Coast Properties

The waterfront land sunshine coast has much to offer. It is situated on the Eastern coast of Queensland and has a very pleasant sub tropical climate There are many national parks, which have great natural biodiversity. The sea has beautiful coral reefs and the coast itself is a common route for many migratory birds. There are excellent beaches and coral reefs very close at hand.

Man and nature has found a way to co-exist . Development is taking place without spoiling what is already there. It is blending with it. Brisbane is near byand can easily be reached by car or train. The town of Caloundra in particular, is also developing. The same is true for most of the estates and communities in Pelican Waters, Waterside Caloundra.

For those wishing to move to this area, there are several job opportunities in Brisbane in technology and services amongst other areas.

However, the quality of life is also very important. For those with demanding and high-pressure work, then coming home to waterfront land sunshine coast makes sense. Pelican Waters includes a shopping centre with good bars and cafes. There is an excellent boating marina with very good mooring. For those interested in surfing, scuba diving and swimming, the ocean is just nearby. For the serious golfer or the keen amateur, there is a Greg Norman designed golf course as well.

For families, this location has a great deal to offer. In many major cities and towns, childhood can be spent closeted in a apartment or town house. There could be limited places to play and even less chance to experience nature firsthand. Life is geared around the TV or computer. Children hardly ever leave their homes.

Therefore, a family moving to the waterland sunshine coast makes a lot of sense. Think of these as family friendly lots Sunshine Coast. There are walkways and cycle lanes, parks designed for children. There is both a private and a state secondary High School within easy reach. For the preschool, there are kindergartens. Brisbane also has a world class University. There is also of course, the sea. If you’re looking for Family friendly land Caloundra is a great place to start.

Buying a housing lot or a house is also affordable and easy. A number of properties are located at the waterfront. These properties can be apartments, town houses or family-sized villas. There is a full range of estate agents willing to find an ideal location and property. A lot of properties are now on sale.

Another option to consider is courtyard lots for sale in Caloundra. There are some very good architects who can design homes to a very high design specification. If the courtyard needs an interesting treatment, this can certainly be looked into. After all, aesthetics is an important consideration for courtyard lots Caloundra.

Villas in Pelican Waters often have four bed rooms, along with two car garages. They may have two bathrooms. Bosch domestic appliances often come as a standard. An outdoor swimming pool is not uncommon either in waterfront land Sunshine Coast properties.

For those who want to make an initial visit, or want to purchase a lot or property please visit the following web site: www.pelicanwaters.com. You may also contact them at this telephone number: (02) 5492 4888