Choosing the right commercial kitchen flooring for your food business with these pointers

In running a food business, like a restaurant or food production business for instance, you should also have a fully functional commercial kitchen. Having a commercial kitchen is crucial in ensuring the health and safety of your guests. That is why it is important to look for experts in commercial kitchen flooring Brisbane has to offer.

Your kitchen floors are exposed to hot oil splatter, extreme temperature changes, moist conditions, non-stop foot and cart traffic, and even an onslaught of dropped metal pans. Keeping your commercial kitchen flooring in tip-top shape ensures that your kitchen will be compliant when health inspectors drop by and assess your business.

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When selecting new floors for your commercial kitchen, there are a few pointers you should remember. Below are a few of them:

  1. Think about proper floor maintenance — While cleanliness should be your top concern when it comes to commercial kitchens, you should also consider foot and food cart traffic. On top of that, water spills, oil spills, and other factors can affect the condition of your floors.

It is best to opt for customised slip-resistant commercial kitchen flooring Brisbane experts install these days for the best results. This makes your floors slip-resistant and easy to clean. You can simply use mop and bucket, steam cleaner, automatic scrubber, or pressure washer, depending on your preference.

  1. Consider moisture tolerance and mitigation — Moisture is common in any kitchen whether it is a commercial or a residential type. But, moisture is 10 times more intense in a commercial kitchen. Activities in the kitchen generate humidity and a condition called moisture vapour transmission, and this comes from either the wall itself or from the soil beneath the slab.

That is why when you choose commercial kitchen flooring Brisbane professionals offer, think about surface moisture tolerance and the right product to combat such occurrences.

  1. Install the right floors — There are various flooring options you can choose for your restaurant or food business. The common floor types are ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring, and resin floors.

But if you are after hygienic floors with anti-skid properties, then a resin commercial kitchen flooring is your best bet. But if you are looking for a better alternative, you can opt for epoxy floor coating Brisbane experts offer for highly durable, safe, and lasting floors. In fact, epoxy is the best known and most widely used type of industrial or commercial flooring.

  1. Think about thermal shock resistance — As mentioned above, any commercial kitchen is exposed to varying temperatures from cold freezers to intense heat in cooking areas. The coating of your walls and the concrete substrate may possibly expand over time, depending on their reaction to temperature changes.

That is why in selecting commercial kitchen floors, it is best to go with a product that is proven and tested for durability. You can opt for epoxy flooring Brisbane professionals recommend these days for better thermal shock resistance.

These are just a few pointers to remember before calling in the experts to apply epoxy coating Brisbane has to offer. Before you makeg up your mind, make sure to do your research and compare products and their corresponding prices. You may find various commercial and industrial floorings on the market that offer the same advantages, but pick a company that outshines the rest.

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