Best Web Hosting Sites – How to Compare and Select a Web Host

When comparing the best Web hosting sites to choose the top host for your website, you need to consider:

– What operating system you need

– What control panel you prefer

– What type of hosting will fulfill your needs

– What level of technical support you may need

– Where the server is located and how it is connected to the Internet

– Whether past and present customers are satisfied with a host

Operating Systems

The two most common operating systems for Web servers are Linux and Windows. Linux Web servers running Apache for the Web server, MySQL for databases, and PHP and Perl as programming languages are the most common. There are a wide number of applications and scripts available for Linux Web servers. If you need to use ASP pages or you need to use Microsoft SQL server as a database rather than MySQL, however, you should get a Windows-based server.

Control Panels

Most of the best Web hosting sites will provide a control panel to allow you to easily control your site hosting account. Control panels allow you to easily see web site statistics, administer databases, check on server status, and manage email accounts, Web site updates, and access.

Unless you prefer a different control panel, cPanel is probably your best choice. It is the most popular and many Webmasters feel it is the easiest to use. Most of the best web hosting sites offer cPanel as an option.

Types of Hosting

There are a number of different types of hosting:

– Shared hosting,

– Reseller hosting,

– Virtual dedicated hosting (a.k.a., virtual private servers),

– Dedicated hosting, and

– Colocation

Most of the best web hosting sites will offer some or all of these types of hosting, so you need to decide what best suits your needs.

If you want to host a single domain that does not have huge demands for disk space or bandwidth, shared hosting is the most economical. With shared web hosting, your site shares server space and resources with many other websites.

While you may be able to host multiple domains with a shared hosting account, if you need to host multiple domains of your own or want to resell Web hosting, reseller hosting may better suit your needs. Reseller hosting is generally shared hosting with more resources and an additional control panel to easily configure additional domains.

If you have a high need for bandwidth or server resources, you may need a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, you do not have to share server resources with anyone. Only your domains are hosted on the dedicated Web server. You also generally get full control of the server with administrator or root access.

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