What To Look For In A Local Towing Company

There are many towing companies that are good and many that are dishonest. How do you know which one will not take advantage of you being in a bad situation? Here are some ways you can ensure that you are dealing with a scrupulous towing operator. towing Los Angeles

Ask For Five References

Ask the towing operator if he can supply you the names of five people he or she has done business with in the past. If they cannot or will not do this then you should be wary. Any good towing company will be happy to supply you with the names of past customers who have been pleased with the service they provided.

Make sure you call all five of them. Explain to them why you are calling and ask them if they would ever do business with this particular towing company again. If they say yes then you know you have a winner.

Ask People That You Know

Talk to family, friends and people that you know. Ask them if they have used a towing company that they have felt was extremely fair and dependable. Odds are that if they pleased them they will please you.

You can look in the phone phone but a referral from someone you know and trust will ensure that you are dealing with someone who is honest and will not take advantage of you.

Are They Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Do not assume that they have all three items. Ask to verify in they do. You need to make sure that if they damage your vehicle they have the ability to pay for it. All the more so if your car is an expensive one. It is no big deal to provide you proof of these things. In fact, they should be happy to, especially in the world that we live in.

Have All The Charges Explained To You

Do not wait for them to submit you the final bill before you know everything you are being charged for. You should know in writing how much a tow will cost. The hook up fee, mileage, impound storage and service charge should all be accounted for in the initial estimate. Demand that everything be in writing before they pick up any car or truck that belongs to you. The old bait and switch technique is routinely used by towing companies to pad the bill and line their pockets without the customer being ever the wiser.

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